• Flag Printing

    Ironman David

    Congratulations to David on his monumental challenge. What an unbelievable achievement. Glad we could do this flag for his supporters.
  • Clubs & Schools

    Knocktonagh FC

    Another one of our new look lightweight flags. This 5 x 3 full print is for recently formed club Knocktonagh FC. You too can get your hands on a lightweight flag that doesn’t cost the earth: 5×3 [...]
  • Clubs & Schools

    Scarva Rangers

    Showing off our new lightweight flags with this 5 x 3 Scarva Rangers effort. Got a design in mind? Get in touch… info@thegordongroup.co.uk
  • Clubs & Schools

    Glentoran Jets

    A new 5 x 3 printed flag for the young guys in the Glentoran 08 Jets team. Good luck in your tournament guys.
  • Clubs & Schools

    Hill Street FC

    A new 5 x 3 Hill Street flag. We also had the logo redrawn as part of the service.


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